Why It Can Hurt to Give and Not Get Anything Back. You May Be Forgetting One Truth…

I wrote this on the morning of 24th November 2021. This felt useful because i notice a lot of people judging others, rushing to get something from someone and forgetting to bring their heart to the situation. It speaks to me because I've been there too. Once you become conscious of it, you will realise that its sabotaging your life.

I write this from a loving place, not to judge or look down on anyone, but to help. This lesson has changed everything for me. If it feels uncomfortable for you, then we are on the same page. The page of insight, the page of openness, the page of potential. See you on the other side.

This is the dark side of the gift of being a very loving human. Its got a hidden agenda. It wants something in return for its giving, well this then is tainted. Like tainted tea, laced with poison that the subconscious mind has poured into it. Drinking ones own poison, knowing that these good deeds are being driven by ones own need to feel good, this cannot be a good deed then. This is not love, its the mind.

Its self-service, its giving to get, like a manipulative sales man. No amount of love will allow that to be pure. Like buying a knock off fake diamond, no matter how good it looks, its not real and a part of you consciously or subconsciously knows it.

If if its about you then there is no love, love can only come from the spirit which lives in the heart, and heart does not allow for separation of you and me, it does not feel lack, it is whole and full.

Therefore the actions of giving to get are coming from the mind, the psychological need to feel whole, the illusion of scarcity, the desperation to find the missing piece.

From this place peace, success and wisdom will never be had. You can fool yourself into believing that you do this to help others, but it will never feel the same as truly giving from the heart.

From the heart is giving with no expectation, its giving the light to others and allowing your light to connect to theirs, the light which is not yours to claim but one you are receiving from a higher place. Its the divine inside you which is revealing itself.

No matter what happens you see the love. Love cannot judge, it cannot feel attacked, it cannot feel lack or taken advantage of. Only fear says this, fear is the mind believing that the world is out to get them, so it claws back any tiny piece of control and “one over” that it can to try to feel superior, dominant, independent and powerful.

In truth, this is a scared little child who wants to feel accepted and whole, loved and able to relax in oneself. Think about it, you’d never manipulate, judge, feel taken advantage of or even get angry at a person or situation if you were at peace with yourself. You would see the bigger picture and look from the vantage point of wisdom.

Therefore you would not feel the need to prove yourself, to get from others or to have “one over” another. Its pure fear, lack, and not feeling whole which causes us to compete, complain or judge.

If you were truly “in love” with people and peaceful with yourself, you would see someone from a higher perspective like a movie character. Seeing them acting out in their fears, their ego, their “devilish” mindset. Seeing them compassionately as lost, trying their best, and attempting to find love.

You would not feel threatened, you would see the human in them, perhaps even seeing their misunderstandings like a child who is under the influence of their minds. Like a person who’s been physically hurt, you’d have some sort of empathy for them, you cannot judge them.

It is no longer about ME ME ME ME ME , what they did to ME ME ME. How they inconvenienced ME ME ME. Victim mindset is what I call this, and it helps you in zero ways. Its disempowering and its not really who you are. Its you playing a role. A role that people can smell off you subconsciously, its not you radiating energy, rather you are lacking energy.

Dr Joe Dispensa started measuring all of this so called “Spiritual Intelligence” that I'm giving you and proved it to be true. So if you are on the fence, look him up. Spiritual isn’t even a word i use too much, to me its straight up truth.

So when you are truly in love without wanting anything back, only then can you fully serve someone because you are back to your original self and vibrating at the highest energy frequency. Out of the clouds of neediness (neediness is creepy), self-serving psychological masturbation and the illusion of danger.

Now you are rich on the inside, overflowing with wholeness. This is your natural state, this is what your being is trying to constantly come back to. In fact you are in this state often. This is not a place you need to get to, its already there… you will realise this if you raise your consciousness and energy levels.

This is pure being, this is you in your totality, now you are limitless.

A person who needs nothing is a person of great stature.

Its an open season now for you to have whatever you want because you treat life like nature treats it, with love, attention, energy and wisdom. You must lose the psychological mask, the rat race of ego massages. Once you are naked and back to your original self you will enjoy liberation, success, bliss and richness.

Richness is an inside job, the outside is an expression of your loving, creative, giving, energetic and genius self.

Anytime you feel the urge to complain or go into the victim mindset, come back to the state of ownership, compassion, natural poise and bliss. Its there waiting for you if you are ready to drop your attachment to what your thoughts and emotions are saying. They are temporary, the only thing which is always there is your truth, the one who sees it all, the godliness in you.

Loving you Deeply


Questions to consider

  • What are some examples when you’ve given to get ?
  • What would it be like if you were giving from a place of “I need nothing”?
  • If you could powerfully love everyone and every situation for 1 day, what would be possible for you?
  • Are you willing to play the take on this 1 day challenge?

If you are, write to me and we can talk about it. Its okay if you find it hard and go back to autopilot, it happens to me all the time! The game is meant to be played, winning doesn't matter. Play to play.

I guarantee you will look at life differently if you consciously committed to this, as if you were going to win 1,000,000$ for playing.

If you are playing, I'd love to hear from you.

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