My Journal — Right Brain Ramblings — Why Rushing Dumbs and Numbs your Intelligence

I am sharing my morning journal from 16/07/21. I had just completed some yoga and deep meditation, infact i listened to kundalini gong for 30 mins which shook my body into releasing and dramatically removing some toxins. It “works” powerfully if you are in an already warmed up state, that was my experience anyway.

Here’s my right brain ramblings, i have been writing everyday for a few years and its always insightful because i do it from an elevated state after my morning routine. I wanted to share a few of these insights here, not only for you, but for myself to read back some day! I never ever look back on my journal writings because its done on paper and it goes into a box, but i wanted to play with sharing some of these writings here.

Lets dive in… Oh and P.s i am sharing the fully unedited version, raw and exactly as i wrote it! I do this because you can get a feel for how my brain works, nonsensical, illogical and flowing. Language is just an intellectual way to express the innermost self, therefore i do not wish to muddy my journal writing with intellect of “how to write grammatically correctly”.

Its like when someone is at an amazing historical site and persists on taking photos which will never be looked at again or have any significance if looked back on (i have done it myself many times, so I am talking about me too!), but its the greedy mind wanting to collect, own and claim memories rather than just be in the moment and feeling into it

Anyway, here’s what i wrote about the topic of Slowing down.

Morning Journal

For all this rushing i catch myself out, i see tension to move, to go, to speed up and i pause. I know its mind wanting to go, fearing time, fearing not being fast enough, wanting something more than now, in a hurry for nothing, like people who walk fast in London, gosh me too, rushing for a train when there is an abundance of them, desperate to get back because the structure of my life was clawing onto moments of peace… thinking if time passes then i am wasting it, the free time is gold, but in truth this is a messy illusion, because the search is only for peace and that can only be had with clarity and when slowing down, never has panic been fun, its always frantic.

Its peace when its being, then taking actions with pose because the truth can come out, the real desires not the surface level wants.

So anytime i catch myself speeding up even to the speed of 1.0001 , i feel it, i feel the animal, the mind, the fears really coming in, and smile and realise that rush gives me only 1.001 benefit but 3 times the pain. Like investing in a volatile stock, why, its not worth it, it never is, time goes forgotten when there’s poise , because there is no second guessing, no confusion, its only the right decision always, effortless clarity and no doubt, thats worth more than anything in this world, slowing down has been the most powerful investment ever, worth more than anything else because i am tapped into Einstein intelligence, not intellect, its beyond mind, beyond time, its divine. Its 10000X

If you made it this far and this spoke to you , let me know what is coming up for you.

I have a gift for speaking (which is funny as it used to be my biggest insecurity), but writing is different to speaking because writing feels like such an insightful and soothing experience.

I remember MSN messenger days, i would be frantically typing and hitting enter at the same time, that’s basically how i write these articles, without rules, without any methods, just letting my soul tap tap tap the keyboard! Never correcting myself or thinking about how it “looks”, as if it was an instant message, each word is sent and there is no going back or reviewing…. That’s my “writing style”

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