Compassion, Connectedness and the Heart

I wrote this on the 12th December 2020 in my morning journal — I feel like its a great time to share my ponderings as lockdown rules start to change

Compassion, is so powerful, to be a person who can wish other people joy peace and love, to really deeply wish for them to be happy, that lights up something inside us like a mothers bond with a child, when you have a child you are filled with this energy, and then when you do see them do well, you are filled with a feeling of proudness, and of joy, you are filled with this happiness, and if they trip, or they don’t do so well, you feel their pain, you are connected to them, it’s a we, they hurt and you hurt.

It’s the same with a partner, you feel pain when they feel pain. The only point that has to be mentioned is that there often is not an attachment or ownership feeling towards the other person during true compassion. There is not the judgement, “telling off” or believing your way or “how you would do it” is important. This is self service rather than serving the other person. Rather true compassion is seeing a person from the eye of the creators, nothing but love — This is what compassion is

So imagine you can feel this way for every single person…. We naturally go and compete, we see someone else and then we will find a reason for their success, for their happiness, we will then compare analytically why they are able to do it and we aren’t, and then that will either satisfy the ego, and let it rest but still have resentment, or it will then make you feel bad about yourself. Seriously what are we doing to ourselves? And we think this is just in the mind, no it isn’t, it affects the body, overall health, it goes into the system and infects it like the most hideous virus. So many physical ailments start with the mind.

This is why things such as depression and anxiety, low self-worth so dangerous. Look at people in islands such as Okinawa, they live so long because they have a strong sense of community, of helping each other. And not just that — they have their own purpose. When someone has their own purpose and they FEEL (not think) what is special about them and what they can offer the world, it means that they can focus on this and allows them to recognise purpose in another human being too which stops you from hating them. We realise that they are on a similar path as us and face the same ups and downs, therefore we become compassionate towards them. And genuinely wish them the best because we viscerally know what it feels like to be on a path of purpose.

Health is so much better and we live a happier life once we have purpose. If we have a spiritual practice which contains aspects such as purpose then we connect to our true self and we connect to the heart, our heart literally opens and lights up! All of the ancient wisdom talking about opening your heart didn’t make sense to me for a long time, until I realised what it meant in the context of everyday life. Sure, you can open your heart during a yoga class where you physically to it with your chest, but when you connect that with true meaning, emotion and consciousness, then you really feel it.

Heart opening makes sense to me now because it is beyond logic, it is a felt sense. Now it isn’t some flowery talk, its just real talk, its when we are most happy because it can create a myriad of positive effects. Why take drugs or drink when you can have a 100000000x better feeling instead?! 😊

People are most content in life when they are living in the power of presence, higher awareness of themselves and of others, and when they open their heart to people. This means we can step into another persons shoes beyond the superficial and level, and by that I mean we all try to step in others shoes, but genuinely feeling what others feel to that “god”(but non-religious) level connects us to life in a totally different way

We all have friends and family who we love to laugh and joke with, but imagine you could pinpoint what exactly you feel for them, and feel it even more, and then expand that feeling to every human? Even people you dislike!

We were taught so many rules as kids, how to “act” around others, how to be better, to compete, would it be the worst thing ever if we dropped some of that? What could potentially be a benefit of it?

Group coherence is the energy which keeps the world alive, the moon circling, the universe existing, the cells in your body working with each other, the muscles in your legs working with your arms, this is why we feel sensations when speaking to people.. Its collective energy. And when we tap into it, we feel at our best.

So, what if you increased its effectiveness by just 10%, what if…?

This is a lot of the work i do as a coach, help people to open up parts they didn’t think were possible. One woman i am working with has said her relationships have completely changed at work and with friends because we helped to reframe her perceptions of what people think of her and what is expected from her. Its an awareness muscle which needs to trained more than the body does.

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