If I was a superhero, I would have been called “Tenseman”. I share my superhero origin story. I also talk about how to break out from the information overload around mental health and spirituality, and take create your unique model as a holistic approach — i.e. Personal Mastery

In this day and age there are so many ways to unwind and release tension. I have lived my life in a state of tension. Fight or flight mode is normal to me because I lived in a state of constant guardedness.

When I say guardedness, I don’t mean that…

I wrote this on the morning of 24th November 2021. This felt useful because i notice a lot of people judging others, rushing to get something from someone and forgetting to bring their heart to the situation. It speaks to me because I've been there too. Once you become conscious of it, you will realise that its sabotaging your life.

I write this from a loving place, not to judge or look down on anyone, but to help. This lesson has changed everything for me. If it feels uncomfortable for you, then we are on the same page. The page of insight, the page of openness, the page of potential. See you on the other side.

I forgot about me and I go and give it all away, giving, serving, but what's the point when I'm empty inside. The mama bear effect lives within me but its laced with wanting to please others. Stop doing this. …

I wrote this in my daily morning journal on the 17th November 2021. I had an explosion of insights from both my journey and the people I am speaking to. I only ever share my writings from my journal when i feel it can be useful to someone else. I leave it unedited so you can really feel my creative energy.

I don’t need a week off for rest because I'm always rested, calm, peaceful, balanced. But I need a week off for aliveness and inspiration.

The life force is what drives me, its what’s always driven me. …

So I google my name to see what comes up, and the following comes up… its like they’ve met me.

— — — — — — — — — -

Raj is a name that conveys a highly charged personality that attracts powerful ideas. You are diplomatic, gentle, intuitive, cooperative…

I wrote this to myself in my morning of the 27th September 2021 and felt it might be useful for you to read. Change can create automatic patterns of thoughts, but they don’t mean anything, infact if you look closely you’ll find the true gift.

I have this sense of doom looming over me as I enter into the October period, the skies are darker and my mind is darker, I drain myself trying to figure out why.

Is it simple tiredness from a busy month? Well hell yeah.

Is it the psychological mind which…

I wrote this to myself in my morning of the 28th September 2021 and felt it might be useful for you to read. The present moment is everything, but i like to combine that with consciously using the illusionary concepts of past and present to play with time (life) most effectively, by putting the unconscious psychological mind to the side

Everyday I connect with the beauty of this life just by writing down the date. …

This is what i mean by it. Only North

When all roads point north and you are trying to force yourself to go south just because of your mind, your soul will tell you. it will feel painful , like resistance, not smooth, not flowing.

No matter what your mind is saying, all roads of truth, flow and heart…

Everyday there is this race to get stuff done and that means even if things are done , they are tainted with a subtle dose of misery, meaning the full self wasn’t there, the highest version of us is not the one getting stuff done. Its survival mode who’s acting…

Raj Gorsia

🤯I've spent years learning how to get out of my head ✈ I am going to teach you how to become Zen like calm whilst crushing it in life ➡ Yin and Yang

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